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Welcome to SIMU Center

SIMU Center develops simulation software for vocational training. The software is tailored to train business competences inside practice enterprises. A practice enterprise is a simulated enterprise formed and run by students. The actions, products and services of the practice enterprise are similar to the real business world. SIMU Center's practice enterprises have the option to trade in EUROPEN-PEN International's world wide practice enterprise network. The network includes over 40 countries and nearly 8000 practice enterprises. SIMU Center is the Danish Central Office in the network.

Watch EUROPEN-PEN International's video about the global network:

SIMU World in Sweden

SIMU World is the name of the practice enterprise simulation software build and hosted by SIMU Center but supported by the Swedish Central Office – Business Training Centre (BTC). SIMU World enterprise is run by a group of students that will rotate in job functions associated with separate departments like Finance, Human Resources, Sales and Purchasing. Through a variety of business tasks they will learn hands-on about subjects like billing, accounting, campaigns, customer management, advertising, communication, supply and demand, international trade and general business terminology in a competitive environment with thousands of other practice enterprises. The SIMU World software underpins and strengthens the teaching and learning of key competences such as communicating in foreign languages, digital competence and the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. 

SIMU Center works closely together with BTC. BTC uses SIMU Center’s simulation software and offers services and support to practice enterprises in Sweden. BTC has adapted the SIMU World simulation software to reflect the realities of Swedish education and business training.

How to log in to SIMU World?
After purchasing the SIMU World software
from BTC, teachers and students will need to log in to the web application to start using their practice enterprises. The Swedish users should follow this link to log in:

Help and Support
Help and support is given from the Swedish partner BTC. Please visit BTC's webpage for further information: or contact them by email or phone (+46) 70 531 1669.

If you need to get in touch with us in Denmark, you are more than welcome to call. We understand Swedish and speak English as well. Our email address is and the number to reach the Central Office is (+45) 7224 2042. Opening hours Monday-Thursday from 8:00 to 15:30, Friday from 8:00 to 14:00.



Communication, cooperation and social interaction is at the heart of SIMU World. The system encourages the students to engage in conversations and discussions about their simulated businesses.



More SIMU learning software

Besides SIMU World, which is implementing the Practice Enterprise concept with students working full-time in their enterprises, SIMU Center offers a range of flexible products for vocational traing.

SIMU Kontor is similar to SIMU World except that the Kontor enterprises exist in a small closed world with up to 20 enterprises. This makes it possible to run short, compressed courses of intense vocational training in a sand-box environment ensuring a lot of competition and fun while learning the basics of running a business (B2B/B2C).

SIMU Butik simulates running a super market and focuses on student cooperation to succeed in the retail industry. Just like SIMU Kontor, SIMU Butik learning takes place in a sand-box environment with up to 20 companies competing against each other. 

SIMU Byg is basically the same concept and software as SIMU Butik. Only difference is the products being sold. SIMU Byg simulates a DIY store instead of a super market.

If you want to know more about the sand-box products that SIMU Center offers, don't hesitate to contact us on or (+45)7224 2042.